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I mali della scuola pubblica italiana, guardati dall'estero

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 Mike Flor scrive
May 13 2013: I'm from Italy. There are a lot of problems concerning education. As far as I can tell, the most compelling ones are:
1)Teachers. Their status is getting lower and lower. They receive one of the lowest salaries among developed countries, and they are often called "slackers" by a big part of the general population (often small entrepreneurs) and sometimes even by members of the governing body. If we want our professors to be motivated, this attitude must change.
-Complete lack of feedback. One of the things that emerged from Bill Gates and Ken Robinson's talk, is the fact that the best students come from countries where a feedback system has been implemented. Teachers watch each other's lessons, and then they suggest their colleagues what they should do to improve their performances with their students. Nothing of that sort exists here.
2)Study programmes. One day a Canadian friend of mine came over to visit me and he was just baffled to the amount of homework I have to endure. Italian school system makes its students spend much more time in school than other OCSE members, and the results are anyway poor, and they have gotten increasingly worse over the years according to PISA tests That is also because the students cannot really focus on important things to learn, so the often end up studying bad, or not studying at all.
3)Private schools. This is a real scourge. There are a lot of rich and incredibly lazy students who attend those schools, the only thing they have to do to pass is to pay their dues. This is incredibly unfair. Since you can also catch up with the years you have lost when you fail to pass in public school. In just one year you can catch up 3 years, and then you are back in your old classroom, with your old mates and the teachers who once flunked you.
4)Disastrous cutback. Billion of euros have been cut back in recent years. This has led to make everything even worse